Sugar Crisis In Pakistan

Sugar issue has been turned into a critical condition in these days in Pakistan, and mostly there is great shortage of sugar in retail shops if any shop keeper has the sugar there would be seen a huge lines of sugar buyers and an ordinary person is constrained to purchase 1 kg sugar pack in 80 to 130 rupees.

Pakistan's annual consumption of sugar is near about 3.9 million tons and Pakistan produces 4.89 million tons sugar annually, Pakistan is the 10th largest sugar producer in the world, and yet it has to import sugar, exposing it to the effects of sugar shortages and rising prices in the world. Pakistan consumes over 26 Kg of sugar per person versus India's 19Kg. Sugar cost Rs 30 per Kg (32 US cents) at the start of 2009 and now a days it is either not available in markets and if available then costs more than Rs 80 to 120. This uncertainty of the price is likely to further enrich the sugar producing politicians who are already rich and powerful. But today Mr. Shahbaz Sharif said that the sugar crisis will be overcome soon and it is also affirmed by Ms. Shazia Marri.

Let us see when it would be solved we can only pray for the best to Pakistan.

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