Capital Talk Targeted Let Us Build Pakistan

At last media has attacked the websites with all their so called "fair journalism" weapons, last night in capital talk that is hosted by Mr. Hamid Mir on "Geo News" with his 3 guests including Ansar Abbasi a "The News" journalist and Mr. Javaid Hashmi of PML(N) and Sumsam Ali Bukhari of PPP, Hamid Mir has exclusively shown the blog Let Us Build Pakistan maintained by my fellow bloggers Abdul Nishapuri, Socrates, Abbas Zaidi & Sarah, Mr. Hamid Mir and Mr. Nisar Abbasi criticized the blog through out the program with all their white journalism's' words, Mr. Hamid Mir highlight the program with the tag of "PPP members criticized army and media" and Mr. Nisar Abbasi added the statement that Let Us Build Pakistan is operated from the presidency.

This is not the first time that media is raising fingers on bloggers and webmasters, but the bloggers are ready to face the situation and will not sit quite at this time it will be dealt accordingly.

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  1. Munir Solangi
    If bloggers have the right to attack TV channels then you must give them the right to respond back.Why are you so angry.They just clerified their position.This is democracy.

  2. Munir Bhai bloggers never attack TV or media directly or without proof, and so far the way of democracy is concern if you think making a false statement, hiding the facts and character assassination is democracy then you might be on a big mistake.

    Nisar Abbasi directly hit a simple and general blogger by saying that "they are controlling from the presidency" a blogger who run his blog either from a single room apartment or from other small public place they even do not have the proper resources at all compared to commercial journalist and if this is a slip of tounge that could be ignorable and will not create a big issue but when Mr. Mir repeat the question then Mr. Abbasi re-affirmed him that yes they are operated from the presidency.

    So I am not denying your statement that "if bloggers have the right to attack TV channels then you must give them the right to respond back" but we would not react so much if the respond of TV is true, is that the role of media in a State? It is not suit A big giant media channels to allege such kind of statement that is out of journalism ethics and etiquette.


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