America Would Possibly Attack On FATA Pakistan

News from Daily Jang Dated May 29, 2010 edition link http://www.jang.com.pk/jang/may2010-daily/29-05-2010/u32821.htm

After reading the above lines in morning on a news channel, I have astonished and could hardly firm the grip on the cup of tea so that it will not dropped.

Why? The first question that will come first in the mind of any Pakistani, will US do the same with any of its ally? Will US attack on Germany or UK if the Time Square planer will be a German or English?. Things are going worse and worse and it will demolish the faith of US that kept by some of the people of Pakistan in their mind. Pakistan is a frontline ally of USA and Pakistan is trying its best to evacuate the activist from tribal areas whether its FATA or Waziristan, if US directly attacks on FATA it will be considered as attack upon the Soveriegnty of Pakistan and will be danger for the relations of two Countries.

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