Mavi Marmara-Why Israel Attacks on it?

Above is a footage took from YouTube, you may see stuff in that video like knives, clubs, iron bars, chairs, and snatched handguns, so the Mavi Marmara is going to attack on Israel with these stuff. In other words Mavi Marmara is attacking on worlds biggest and systematic army with knives, clubs, iron bars, chairs and snatched handguns(is not that funny), the whole Islamic world is regretting about it and answer of Israel in not less then a joke, Israel never admit its mistakes ever and each time when Israel did these miserable, unethical and illegal acts Israel and its Allys always give this type of stupid justifications.


The above link is of a retired professors resident of California and permenantly residing in Israel, he is also serves on several Boards of Directors for Israel advocacy groups name GS Don Morris, Morris stated in this post the same outline as described in the YouTube video. 

What we hope and pray from Allah is that the journalist of Pakistan Mr. Talat Hussain and other Pakistani who existed on aid ship Freedom Flotilla and they could never involved in any war activity will returned to their homes sound and safe. 

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