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Finally the people of Balochistan have heard on the biggest platform of the earth the "US house", Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan the natural gas and many other minerals producing area neglecting since the birth of Pakitan. Who is responsible for the current affairs of Balochistan? No one can provide any suitable answer of this question and when things are going beyond from hands then all are started crying for suppressing the real issues.

balochistanThere is no doubt that the only province that provide natural gas through out the Pakistan from Karachi to Khayber Pass is Balochistan and its people are begging for Natural Gas to burn there stove from it, there will be no Secretary designation for the citizens of Balochistan, no space for them in Army, Courts and even National Hospitals, State of Pakistan gets royalty from a country for not to start oil exploration from Balochistan because if do so then a neighbor country could unable to fulfill international market oil demands and even no place for it to have a single news in current affairs, anchors, politicians and media persons are shouting through out the day on televisions, discussing unimportant issues, delivering there views upon news that are irrelevant but calling them Pakistan's current affairs and Pakitan News but in realty these news are generated by them to divert the concentration from real issues truths are bitter but one can not overlook them.

Pakistan Embassy issued a strong worded statement yesterday and warned US that it will not good for Pak-US relations.

Its time to take serious and positive steps to overcome the current situation of Balochistan before it will too late and we will not stand again upon a situation that caused Bengal province to become Bangladesh.

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  1. Question is that no one is getting its rights in Pakistan,Weather its people live in Punjab,Sindh.Baluchistan.KPK ever from the day Pakistan came in to existence bc of Land lords & our Army generals who are trained to be loyal for British & their system & they forcefully shifted to Pakistan army bc they have no other option.So they continued their training & its system & join hands with Land lords who are politicians from 65 years support each other & dividing Pakistanies & Muslim Nation saying we are Pakistani nation & other provincial landlords uses that they are sinhi,Balochi,Punjabi,Pakhtun nation that is the only way they can continue slavery(feudal)system & rule PAkistan,& if we read Quran it clearly defines that you are Nation as Muslims further you are only tribes & if any Muslim is hert,killed or need help its the irresponsibility of all the Muslims to protect your brother & sister that is the relation ship Allah gave to Muslim nation & said you must feel the pain of other Muslim just like you feel for you body you are one soul,If we say even we are Pakistani nation or tribe(provincial nation) It clear one is denying Quran & Allah,First thing If you are Muslim you must not use such foolish words which those Munafiqeen Landlords try to pore in to your mouth,No doubt Islam & Allah gives & protect every human rights so yes these so called mafia of Landlords & army generals(Elite class of army & landlords)making fools of all of us.So don't play in their hands they are one who were ruling from 65 years protecting each other & calling names & blaming each other in front of fool People.What we need is unity give love and share our problems with other to survive like true Muslim be united,I assure you each & every Muslim in Pakistan want to help & give the rights of everyone weather he lives in Baluchistan,Sindh,kpk, Punjab,Kashmir Bengal or anywhere in this world all of us are showing our cowardliness.We must as one unit & protect our whole family in all around the world,No doubt its first irresponsibility of of people who lives in Punjab & specially in all the cities in Pakistan to rise & protect our Nation not Pakistan its Muslims Nation.you have seem pppp is trying to break punjab bc they never won from punjab after they(Bhutto) broke Pakistan he is part of that bastard team.they want to break punjab in to peaces on (lasani) once again saraiki nation,All of punjabies have no problem in breaking punjab into peaces if is so beneficial for our nation So love to divide punjab in not just two but in 32 division in to province.But problem will not vanish bc its corruption,Mafias in all business mostly run by landlords or their friends(munafiqeen)That corruption will not vanish weather you divide punjab or Pakistan in hundreds of peaces,and everyone know how cruel and beast are those landlords in their ares.How can they give rights of innocent people of PAkistan or Muslim nation that is the problem lies in all Muslim states.


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