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A Black day in the history of Pakistan, SC of Pakistan charges a PM elected by the Public | Pakistan News

Yousuf Raza Gilani is the first Prime Minister of Pakistan who is facing charges of Contempt of Court beside it is a historic moment of our country but it is the worse day for the history of politics in Pakistan when SC charged Contempt of Court on a PM who publicly elected.

ansar abbasi, jang, geo, geo televisionThis also have a bad affect on the political environment of Pakistan as we cannot afford yet any political mishap right now after rehabilitation of more than 10 years of demarcacy.

However some selfish dude takes this incident as light and passing there churalism statements in there owned news papers and media programs only for benefiting their own soul, Ansar Abbasi I don't know when this guy will have sense of mind, today he wrote an article full from churan chatni in his own newspaper.

Anyway everyone has the freedom of speech but one should have to think for a while that whether this freedom would be in favor of our country or not?

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