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India & Pakistan relations have been going off the track after Mumbai Hotel incidents but recently both countries have started bi-lateral talks to come close with one another recently yesterday Indian Commerce Minister who are on a visit of Pakistan said that when Pakistan & China are trade partners then why not India | Pakistan News

Anand Sharma, Amin Fahim, Pak India Relations

Indian Commerce Minister Mr. Anand Sharma is on a visit of Pakistan in these days, yesterday along with his Pakistani counterpart attend a meeting in Islamabad for starting a series of discussions to bring both countries close to one another the discussion has been held on the request and invitation by Pakistan's Commerce Minister Mr. Makhdoom Ameen Fahim, Anand Sharma and Makhdoom Amin jointly agreed to open bank branches in one another country, we are trying to do more including opening bank branches in one another country for which State Bank of Pakistan & Reserve Bank of India will have talks soon to structure frame work for it.

It's a good sign that both neighbors are uniting in a platform through regular visits and talks Pak-India relations are important for this region and the series of talks will increase bonds in relations of both countries simultaneously it will beneficial for the sake of both countries.

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