Manoor Ijaz Recorded His Statement Outside of Pakistan | Pakistan News

Finally ice has been broken and Mansoor Ijaz recorded his statement in London, he said that the word bad boys is used for Army Chief Pervez Kiyani and ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha | Pakistan News
The Chief witness of Memo Gate Scandal has recorded his statement at Pakistan High Commission in London the testimony has been recorded via video source in front of memo commission.

 Mansoor Ijaz maintained in his testimony that he called Hussain Huqqani from an anonymous number and Haqqani told Ijaz that ISI Head Pasha was arriving to London to find the copy of the memo from the editor of the Financial Times and it should be ensured that he (Pasha) does not get the copy. Ijaz added that Haqqani was not aware that he was meeting with Pasha as well.

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