NATO Supply Still Blocked - Awan | Pakistan News

It has been announce 2 days ago that NATO will be allowed to supply through air but today a Federal Minister of Pakistan said that NATO has not yet been able to start it supply | Pakistan News

Pakistan has blocked NATO supply after Salala Check post incident but it was reported 2 days before that Pakistan has allowed NATO to supply its troops through air gateways but today Federal Minister Firdos Ashiq Awan said that NATO is still unable to supply its troops as its supply is not yet restored.

USA is doing very good efforts to restore supply line of NATO but every time some uncertain incidents would stopped the reconcile process, 2 days before Victoria Nuland stated in a meeting at Washington briefs in these words  “I don’t have the anything new to report on the US-Pakistan side. We are still where we’ve been, which is awaiting the completion of the internal review on the Pakistani side”

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