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A new mega gas project has been inaugurated by PM Gilani for Jaranwala but what about Balochistan from where all these gas supplies are producing

balochistan, yousuf raza gilani, pakistan, jaranwala gas projectA mega gas project worth Rs 710 million has been inaugurated by PM Syed Y. R. Gilani at Jaranwala Yesterday. This project will supply gas facility to 210,000 public of 56 union council of tehsil of Jaranwala. The PM while addressing to a large public said, PPP government has always been accomplishing all its commitments made with the public in accordance with the party policies".

With all due respect I am asking a question to my PM that all his commitments and party policies are only for public other then Balochistan? The only province where from natural gas could produce, why our leaders are consecutively ignoring Balochistan isn't it a part of our country. The province through which our stove is burning and there is no space for it in our policies.

The biggest land area of Pakistan if our policy makers will think in right direction then this land space could be used for many other projects that could provide jobs for native residents and there lives could avail all basic necessities of which they are entitled. I don't know when our policy makers and politicians will wake up and think for the betterment of this province rather then sitting in front of tv anchors and

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