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Pakistans' courts are become more strict day by day and the law enforcement agencies are emphasizing upon rule of law, today Pakistans’ ISI could face an unique dispute after a prosecutor representing seven victims urged contempt of court charges.

The Supreme Court had given the ISI until midnight Friday to bring into being the seven men, who as per the statement of attorney Mr. Tariq Asad were detained without appropriate procedure and wounded while in detention. The ISI has also been ordered to explain the deaths of four other detainees. The court consisting upon 3- Judges panel has grant a new deadline of Monday to produce before the court the detainees.

The Pakistani Courts are once again creating historical event after calling ISI before the law and if the ISI will fail to follow the Courts instruction then again there would be chances of crash between two institutions.

The ISI is also supposed to support Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf, many politicians and even civil society's members while discussing on Pakistan news & political affairs are believe that ISI is provide path ways and guidelines to PTI to stand strongly in front of other Political parties .

The below video will show a small hint about

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