US is Aim to Resume Relations with Pakistan but How? | Pakistan News

How US will seek to resume relations with Pakistan? Its a question answer of which is hard to provide by any US officials if ask in these days

Victoria NulandUS-Pakistan relations that have been going off the track and on its worse stages after Raymond Davis and US attack on Abbotabad, however US is keen to resume its relation with Pakistan but US officials are still unable to find any solution to this.

In a meeting at Washington on Firday State Official Victoria Nuland briefs in these words  “I don’t have anything new to report on the US-Pakistan side. We are still where we’ve been, which is awaiting the completion of the internal review on the Pakistani side”.

The US and Pakistan relations are need to be reconcile soon as NATO and US itself wants talks with Afghan Leaders regarding Afghanistan and without Pakistan these talks have no results. US officials may better find a way to resume relations with Pakistan before going on discussions table with Afghan Leaders.

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