Another Brutal Day Has Passed in Syria

Another brutal day has been passed in Syria but there is no voice from Muslim world for the Muslims of Syria

This is the sunset of the Sunday 29 July, 2012, another brutal Sunday in Syria, Nuseris are killing one by one every Syrian who is claiming revolution. International print and electronic media has no voice over it they have kept a big finger upon their lips, everybody is silent we are unable to understand that why and with whom Media is afraid for, who can raise voice over Syria Bloodshed.

Damascus-Syria Martyr of Imad Hourani 27 Jul, 2012 (Very Strict Warning: The video is very tough and painful scenes in which the purpose of the video is to document the crime committed by the militias stamens and not to shock viewers).

Imaad Hourani who sang freedom songs, Nuseris not even Martyr him but also cut his throat too.

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