Hazards continue to originate from Pak-Afghan Border

Even as the US President Barack Obama declared the total withdrawal of his soldiers from Afghanistan by the end of 2016, senior current administration officials have admitted that there continues to be threats coming from Afghan and Pakistan Border. “The risk from al Qaeda's core command in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been considerably resolved through the efforts to take apart the Al Qaida command in that part of the world. That does not indicate that there are no remnants of Al Qaida. Obviously, there continue to be risks originating from Afghanistan and Pakistan,” a senior Government official of U. S., said.

It also indicates that we're going to teach Afghan National Security Forces to assist us in mitigating that risk, the senior government official told journalists. In Afghanistan, the official mentioned that the USA feels that the long-term remedy towards Afghan security was not US forces. “It is Afghan forces; and that we've educated and equipped an Afghan National Security Force that wants to be responsible for securing their country; that this has never been a circumstance where the United States was signing on to provide security in Afghanistan consistently".

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