India’s Greatest Security Hazard is None Other Than ISI

File Photo of Gen. V. K. Singh (left) & Ajit Doval (right)
The ISI has tormented India for a long time. This may be because of the enhanced diplomatic dialogue with Musharraf/Vajpai's regime.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan's counterterrorism methods, which have significantly flourished on the latest devices with the help of associates like China, have provided to coming this menace. There has been a better and a higher level of intelligence also, though gaping problems keep on being. Additionally, India's war madness (some Urdu journalists termed it as "Bharat ka Jangi Junoon"), is increasingly getting consumed by its own creation. But the reality is that Indian War Madness has been kept in check mainly because of the economic conditions of the two neighbors. For that reason, it won’t be wrong to identify the reasons of Pakistan’s relative ease on the terror front.

Now, the question repeated again with which this post started out that "who is India’s most harmful outer opponent"? An official assisted by elaborating that although there may be security threats to India from many other sides– like China, obviously – the ISI threat can rarely be put aside. There would be circumstances whereby India would not be able to point its finger to the ISI in the event of upcoming terror strikes, but would be left in undoubtedly who is behind it.

Currently the newly seated Prime Minister of India, Modi will try to find techniques to have diplomatic dialogue with Pakistan, but on the other hand he strengthens India's Security Council by adding ex-Army Chief of India Gen. VK Singh in his cabinet and entrusted him ministry of DoNEr (Development of Northeastern Region) and appointed Mr. Ajit Doval (An activist of RSS) as the advisor of National Security. Now it would be a question of fact that how both of them will cope with fountainheads of India-centric terror?

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