TTP Strike on Pakistan Border - Many dead

15 militants and an army soldier were killed on Saturday after an ambush on a border post in Pakistan's restive northwestern tribal region.

As per statement of a senior army official "Approximately 200 Taliban militants from across the border assaulted a group of Pakistani posts and not less than 16 militants were killed in the brutal fighting,".

The attack occurred around midnight (10am AEST) in the Bajaur tribal district nearby Afghanistan.

The official confirmed that, "One soldier accepted martyrdom and two other soldiers were injured seriously,".
An Afghan man who was injured 
during an attack by the Taliban

The official further said that, "The activists of TTP Bajaur and Swat chapters had regrouped in Ghund town of Afghanistan and launched the assault from there,".

Another military official verified the assault and casualties. Bajaur is one of seven semi-autonomous tribal regions affected by the insurgency.

Islamabad filed a protest over the invasion with Afghanistan's deputy ambassador, the Pakistan foreign ministry said in a statement issued on Saturday, and the Pakistani ambassador in Kabul brought up the matter with the Afghan foreign ministry. The statement stated that "To repulse the terrorist attack, Pakistani soldiers answered with artillery and aviation aid. Any claims about shelling on Afghan citizens within Afghanistan are incorrect,".

Due to the fact that the TTP rose up against the Pakistani state in 2007, over 6800 people have been killed in blast and gun attacks around Pakistan.

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