Taliban Accept the Responsibility of Lahore Explosion

Photogrph from reuters

ISLAMABAD: Taliban claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing on Lahore building that killed approximately 24 people, a US specialist Islamic monitoring group said. An organization naming itself “Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)” constructed the claim in a Turkish-language statement posted on Turkish jihadist websites through an association named Elif Media. The Islamist watch SITE mentioned the group as declaring the attack aimed the ''nest of evil'' in Lahore, and was a ''humble gift'' to the mujahideen who bear under the attacks of Pakistani forces in Swat. It specified that a Toyota Hiace Van laden with 220 lbs of explosives was blown up external side of a rescue building in Lahore, the center of Punjab province in Pakistan, devastating the building and injuring several more. "TTP asks Muslims in Pakistan to stay away from areas where the enemy is ''taking advantage'' of them, so that they are not harmed by jihadi attacks," SITE included.

The explosion was the third deadly attack to rock the country's liberal cultural capital in as many months. Top defense officials informed media following evening that 24 people died, including 13 policemen, civilians and security officials. A higher examiner told media the hit was the expected handiwork of Al-Qaeda linked Taliban activists operating from Pakistan's wild Waziristan, which borders Afghanistan. One of the invaders was shot dead by security guards as he moves toward the building, and two others perished in the blast, the examiner said. Pakistan's armed forces has been locked in a month-long offensive against Taliban activists in the northwest, which the authorities say has killed about 1,200 extremists and sent 2.4 million people fleeing their homes.

I say that

In my May 27, 2009 post I said that “if it is (Lahore explosion) confirmed to be a suicide bombing then there would be no way to admit that Taliban is behind all this”, and now when TTP (Tehrik i Taliban Pakistan) accept the responsibility of Lahore blast then there will be no chance to say that war of northwest of Pakistan has now been extended towards the central or middle of Pakistan, everyone knows the Taliban & Al Qaida practice of suicide bombing and yesterday a shocking news of Somalia’s presidential palace (Somali activists fired mortars at the presidential palace in the capital for ensuring to topple the country's Western-backed government and install a strict Islamic state) I afraid to say that Somalia will be the next target of Al Qaida or Taliban and if my belief is not wrong then adequate and quick action must be taken by the Somalia Government to stop these kind of activities by the activists in the country or if it is late then Somalia will be faced the same conditions that Pakistan is now facing in these days.

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