Obama Lauds Pakistan’s Taliban Fight

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President Barack Obama praised Pakistan for battling Taliban militants as Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the army is waging a war to save his country’s “soul.” Pakistan’s military has stepped up “in a way we have not seen,” Obama said in an interview broadcast on ABC’s “Nightline” program yesterday.

If the drone technology transferred to Pakistan then it would quite helpful for Pak army to battle in a significant and ingenious way, it will also enhanced the strength of Pak army defense. Secondly aid of international community is also required to help IDP’s for settling them at their homes. International community might not forget the role of Pakistan at Tsunami, Afghan & Iraq war, now Pakistan required the same help as she did when world was in need. Pakistan don’t ask the world as a return or reciprocity of all she did in past for world but on human grounds. US already playing its good part in this context and also raised a positive step to called the world for playing its role in this critical situation.

Above review is based on Bloomberg news

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